Buttery Mahon Blesses Brunswick Melbourne

Mahon in Melbourne: Wish to be overwhelmed by intensity in the face-region? Mahon is that cheese.  Made on the island of Menorca in Spain, this raw cow’s milk beauty is aged for near 11 months and constantly rubbed down (oh yeah baby) with paprika and oil.

This gives the cheese it’s darker rind colour and adds to the piquancy flavour & unctuous mouthfeel.

These slippery little oblong blocks are some kind of cheese black hole of savoriness, a non-theoretical mass that has so much potency. Wonder how it’s all packed in there.

Crumbly dry texture that also exhibits an incredible buttery tone coupled with bold, grassy, tangy and peppery flavours. This one will linger for a long time after sampled, possibly into the next life.

Serve with some fig jam and Jamon as a snack, enhance your dishes and grate over veggies like grilled asparagus or mashed potatoes. Or end up in the crazy cheese experiment test kitchen and make some ice cream out of it.


Come to The Brunswick Whey Melbourne to Try some Mahon today.

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