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Iamvi Spoon Sweets – Spoonful of Happiness

Iamvi spoon sweets are Leonidas approved. If you haven’t tried these before, mate, we are envious of your new experience! Traditionally served with a cold glass of water and a short thick Greek coffee in the afternoon, you would often only see spoon sweets come out when particular people came to visit. Greek mothers across […]

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Buttery Mahon Blesses Brunswick Melbourne

Mahon in Melbourne: Wish to be overwhelmed by intensity in the face-region? Mahon is that cheese.  Made on the island of Menorca in Spain, this raw cow’s milk beauty is aged for near 11 months and constantly rubbed down (oh yeah baby) with paprika and oil. This gives the cheese it’s darker rind colour and […]

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Holy Goat Nectar Tomme Cheese is Back

Holy Goat Nectar Tomme is BACK in-store. The fine ladies at Holy Goat Cheese have produced this ace tasty little number. Their award-winning semi-hard cheese came about when they needed to keep creating cheese during the cooler months as the goats started to naturally produce less milk . So they made friends with the folks […]

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