Holy Goat Nectar Tomme Cheese is Back

Holy Goat Nectar Tomme is BACK in-store.

The fine ladies at Holy Goat Cheese have produced this ace tasty little number. Their award-winning semi-hard cheese came about when they needed to keep creating cheese during the cooler months as the goats started to naturally produce less milk .

So they made friends with the folks at Mannes family dairy, who have been working with their gentle bovine creatures for 5 generations. They combined the shorthorn cow’s milk¬†with their incredible organic goat’s milk and made us the Nectar Tomme.

We love shaving little bits off with a knife and simply appreciating it for the insanely complex cheese that it is. It’s rich, complex, nutty with a lovely earthiness about it. Pair it with some new wave tunes and a loungey chair in the sun.

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