How to Store Cheese Properly – Three Tips to Avoid Fromicide

An Introduction on How to Store Cheese

There are several way to store cheese at home. Making sure is is stored in optimum condition allows for a fuller flavour and also keeps cheese ‘living’ longer in your fridge.

Essentially  we want to make sure there is some kind of balance of humidity and temperature that can offer your cheese a homely fridge environment.

Never store cheese in cling film. Cheese is a living breathing delicacy. Cling film often suffocates cheeses and also tarnishes it with a tinge of plastic flavour. If you want your morsel of brie to taste great and last longer, banish the cling film and try the below methods

Cheese Storage Crazy?

Churn through a tonne of cheese or love buying big chunks that you slowly snack on?

We would recommend investing in a Cheese Keeper. It allows you to keep a few bits of cheese inside with no wrap whatsoever. You simply pop in cheese wedges, make sure they aren’t touching and store the container in the fridge. It keeps them in incredible condition and also removes excess packaging over time.





Cheese Storage Dedicated?

Formaticum Cheese Paper

The second recommendation is a specifically made waxed cheese paper.

Professional cheese shops will wrap their cheeses inside this paper. Ask you cheese monger if you can purchase more from them or seek out something like the Formaticum cheese paper.

Once home, leave them in the wrap and pop them into disposable plastic containers or a zip lock back with a tiny gap. This allows for a small amount of air flow, bit of condensation and humidity. The waxed paper is the seal over the cheese. Make sure you don’t put them in completely sealed containers as the cheese needs to breathe.


Love Cheese¬† Storage but you’re practical?

No waxed paper or fancy cheese domes lying around? Don’t stress. Baking paper is also an excellent replacement for waxed cheese paper. Just apply the same technique and you’re golden. We can highly recommend this process across to cured meat and cold cuts as well.


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