Iamvi Spoon Sweets – Spoonful of Happiness

Iamvi spoon sweets are Leonidas approved. If you haven’t tried these before, mate, we are envious of your new experience!

Traditionally served with a cold glass of water and a short thick Greek coffee in the afternoon, you would often only see spoon sweets come out when particular people came to visit. Greek mothers across the globe open up the door to the Good Living Room (#itsaweirdethnicpridething) and receive their guests. Everyone would get a few spoons of the stuff served on the special crystal plates with the best silverware. And then everyone would remark on how good the spoon sweets were and compare stories and recipes.

Iamvi Delices have captured the essence of these fruity delights using only the best fruit from the local area and making everything by hand. They have only been around since 2015 and have been cleaning up at the Good taste awards every single year since. They are quite possibly better than your Yiayias but don’t tell her that cause you’ll cop a pandofla to the head.

We love the grape spoon sweet with some earthy clothbound cheddars and the sour cherry one with some semi-hard goat’s cheeses. Also insanely good with yoghurt and natural pot set yoghurt in the summertime heat.

Any other stories of the Good Living Room that anyone has to share? (also known as the ” QUICK the In-laws are visiting room”, “The Queen might come one day Room” and “The Bob Hawke Room”

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